Thursday, August 07, 2008


So once again its time for me to come out and explain to everyone the slim margin of automotive dependability. Lexus takes the top spot again, makes sense because that's what your paying for. But wait shouldn't the Toyota brand be #2? No. Mercury takes #2 this year. Followed by Cadillac. Wait I thought American cars were trash. Nope most American brands actually sit above the industry average. The other key thing to note is that even the best cars have 1.2 problems. The average is 2 problems per car. And there are only 2 brands that hit the 3 problem per car territory. Does it really make sense to pay top dollar for a brand when the margin of dependability is so slim? A Toyota has 1.59 problems per car and Chevy has 2.39 problems. Sounds like either way I'm still going to the shop for some warranty work.


Anonymous said...

How does Honda measure up relative to Toyota and Mercury?

Frank said...

177 problems per 100. Toyota is 159 and Mercury is 154. Very slim deviation. By my count you'll be visiting the dealer twice either way.... If you click the link and scroll down you can see the whole report.