Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where to Go from the Bailout

A bailout is shaping up. GM, Chrysler, and Ford will all be capable of receiving funds from the US Government. These loans are coming from tax payers' pockets: Mine, yours, and the guy's next to you. Instead of complaining about why we should bail out the Big 3, now it is the time to look at the Big 3 as an investment. This is our tax money; you want it back? Then the Big 3 need to succeed in a 'new' market.

Yes, this is a new market. Toyota, Honda, BMW, and others have been chipping away at the American auto industry for years. Now the Big 3 have fallen behind, and yes they made some of their own issues: poor quality, low MPG, and other issues. However, this is a new market and GM, Ford, and Chrysler are making some of the best cars in the world now. They are building better, more reliable cars with higher gas mileage. So I ask the taxpayers to stop complaining and start getting behind your fellow Americans and their companies.