Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where to Go from the Bailout

A bailout is shaping up. GM, Chrysler, and Ford will all be capable of receiving funds from the US Government. These loans are coming from tax payers' pockets: Mine, yours, and the guy's next to you. Instead of complaining about why we should bail out the Big 3, now it is the time to look at the Big 3 as an investment. This is our tax money; you want it back? Then the Big 3 need to succeed in a 'new' market.

Yes, this is a new market. Toyota, Honda, BMW, and others have been chipping away at the American auto industry for years. Now the Big 3 have fallen behind, and yes they made some of their own issues: poor quality, low MPG, and other issues. However, this is a new market and GM, Ford, and Chrysler are making some of the best cars in the world now. They are building better, more reliable cars with higher gas mileage. So I ask the taxpayers to stop complaining and start getting behind your fellow Americans and their companies.

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Cope said...

Peter De Lorenzo of AutoExtremist.com is not optimistic:

"I now understand completely what the term “skilled politician” actually means. It’s the ability to mask your blatant incompetence and complete lack of understanding of the issues involved – any issue – by creating a fog of negativity and misinformation so impenetrable that the true sport of Washington – the Blame Game – can commence, unencumbered by accuracy, fairness or reality."


"Never have so many people armed with so little knowledge been poised to do so much damage to the country and the American industrial fabric as [Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi] and [her colleagues] are poised to do."

Both quotes are from today's (12/10) issue of AutoExtremist.