Sunday, December 11, 2005


Street Level is a collection of opinions, reviews, and links to articles, written or assembled by a small group of automotive enthusiasts mostly for our own benefit.

Why Am I Here?
Street Level contributors share more than just an interest in cars: we're informed, intelligent, and entertaining. You'd probably like us if you met us! Our opinions and perspectives are quite diverse, so it's likely you'll find something interesting. The posts themselves are where the good stuff is, but you can find out a little more about each of us by clicking the links below:

Cope - A Mustang driver from a Ford family, Cope has spent time in both Boston and Los Angeles driving fast, following motorsports, and hunting for track time.

Frank - Frank's Cadillac SRX is his latest in a line of criminally-underrated American cars. He is based in San Francisco, where he is continually frustrated by the uninformed choices of the drivers around him.

GregC - GregC has gone from one icon to another, trading his Jeep Wrangler for a Ford Mustang, and the Mustang for a Taurus SHO, to get himself around suburban Massachusetts.

Kevin - When he's not driving his Camaro around California, Kevin's automotive attention is focused on the UAW, nearby auto shows, and planning out a drag car.

LymanSS - Once the founder of a performance parts business, LymanSS currently maintains an impressive stable including among others a Cadillac, a Lincoln, and multiple Corvettes.

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