Thursday, December 29, 2005

Eye in the Sky

GM has reported that its OnStar satellite subscriptions have increased thirty percent. This is one aspect of the car industry where GM has a clear advantage. GM has been pushing the saftey angle most recently. Now the vehicle can even email the owner to let them know the brakes need to be replaced. OnStar is a good way for GM to retain its customers, "According to an OnStar survey, over 75 percent of OnStar subscribers say they prefer to have OnStar in their next vehicle, and almost 90 percent of subscribers say they would recommend the service to others."


MetalHaze said...

Now the vehicle can even email the owner to let them know the brakes need to be replaced

This is really interesting. I would love to have something like that in my car reminding me to get service done or warning me of potential dangers. It's a win win situation. It will help the life of a owner's car significantly.

Has anyone seen the Acura TL's with all the voice navigation and control?? It looks awesome, not to mention I love the look of that car. If I had the money I would buy one in a heartbeat.

MikeO said...

Watch for LoJack to enter the market with a On-star like product by Q4 of 2006.

Lojack is launching a test in FL starting Jan. 2006. At the moment the product is called "Locate".

The perk of this new system is that it not only will use GPS, but also the standard LoJack radio technology used by police nationwide. The problem with Onstar or any GPS system is that in Urban areas you do get some signal noise and can cause some false data, which when your car is stolen may be a drag.

Check out LoJack for more info: