Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rally-Inspired... Or Not

Mitsubishi recently announced its withdrawal from the 2006 WRC season. Given the rally-based hype surrounding the Lancer Evolution street car, one wonders where this will leave the marketing department.
In fact, one wonders what year that marketing department was left in to begin with, as the above-linked Evolution product page boasts "four straight World Rally Championship titles" but fails to mention that the last one was in 1999. Since then, Mitsubishi's rally success has tanked, ultimately leading to their withdrawal from the series. Mitsubishi claims this is merely a temporary hiatus, and has the history to back it up as they withdrew from the 2003 season in similar fashion.
Of course, don't let any of these pesky facts get in the way of the good-natured marketing hype, it would knock the fun right out of the next inevitable Evo v. STi magazine comparison.

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