Saturday, December 24, 2005

Made For China

While former sports car maker Malcom Bricklin is plotting to bring Chinese-built cars to the American market, Honda appears to be planning the exact opposite. Honda recently announced that it would be introducing its Acura line of luxury and near-luxury cars to the Chinese market in 2006. That line includes the Acura TL, which is built in Marysville, Ohio. Set to arrive in China in the summer of 2006 the TL will follow on the heels of the Acura's RL flagship sedan as the company attempts to establish a foothold in the burgeoning Chinese automotive market. The brand will compete against domestically built brands including Buick and Toyota, as well Nissan which recently announced that it would be bringing it's Infiniti brand to the party. With a new market at stake and customer tastes still developing in China the scene is set for a showdown of epic proportions. It's anyone's guess which brand or brands will come out on top, but it's guaranteed to be a good show.

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Anonymous said...

I know lots of Chineese-Americans and their car brands of choice are mainly for Japaneese especially Toyota.
My rule of thumb is to stay away from buying cars from country's that have been at war with my country in the last 100 years (WW2 japan invades china) especially when that company was making planes to drop bombs on me.
I dont see why the marketshare distrubution would be any different, unless GM can pull off some sweet marketing attack.