Monday, October 26, 2009

Countach vs. Stingray: Real?

Last week Carscoop posted a Japanese commercial for Gran Turismo PSP, which very convincingly shows an '88 Lambo trading paint with a '69 'Vette. There seems to be some debate about how "real" the video is, but there is no debate at all that it is awesome:

Vehicle Event Detected

You hear the one about the Hennessey CTS-V that pulled so hard off the line that OnStar thought it was in an accident?

Apparently .99g is enough to get a helpful and concerned OnStar operator to give you a ring. I wonder if the airbags could be tricked in the same manner...

Monday, October 05, 2009

A rear-drive V8 Chevy sedan? Yes, please!

Ah, crap:
New Chevy Police Cruiser

The good news: GM has announced that it will bring the Australian-built Zeta sedan platform back to the U.S.

The bad news: It's fleet-only. Specifically, it's a police cruiser.