Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Top Down

The answer to last week's trivia is, 613 Lamborghinis were sold in 2005.

After going to my local dealer and sitting in a Pontiac Solstice, I have got riled back up about convertibles. I miss my old convertible. Its a car that looks even more beautiful in person. The extreme round front is not as pronounced when your standing over, looking down on the car. It is unfortunate that a front license plate is required in Massachusetts. Pontiac is nice enough to supply a bracket, however I'm sure drilling is required to get it in there. The whole car is very elegant, which is not what you think of when you say Pontiac. When you think of Pontiac generally you think of huge hood bulges and giant fender flares. The one part of the car that does follow in gaudy Pontiac tradition is the 245mm wide tires. Holy crap is that huge for a 2 seat roadster from the factory. For comparison the GTO Pontiac also sells comes with 245mm tires as well. The inside is big. There should be no problem for those of us who have long legs. All this for $20 to $24k.

This week's trivia/Google questions is:

Name the 2 seat roadster prototype and year which eventually evolved into the highest selling 2 seat roadster in Ford's company history. Email your answers here.


Iron Eagle said...

What kind of convertible did you have?

FrankF said...

My second car in which i owned during college was a(dont laugh), 1994 Lebaron Convertible. The long sleek looking Lebaron not the boxy looking one. It was Purplish/Maroon colored with tan cloth interior and a tan top. The mitsubishi powerplant put out 140hp. It seemed to always have plenty of torque and only weighed 3100 lbs. I had a lot of fun times in that car. Unfortunately like most mitsubishi 3.0L in the 90's the leaky rings got the best of the motor. And It had already gone thru one transmission rebuild by that time. So i had to part ways with her. I still have a set of summer tires in my shed waiting for her to come back...