Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Totaled Up

According to Autonews GM has sold almost more than double the amount of cars and light trucks than Toyota has in the US in 2005. 4,454,385 to 2,260,296. Worldwide GM has sold 9.17 million vehicles. Toyota which sold 8.1 million cars. Worldwide sales figures, however, are misleading whereas Toyta sells lots of small cheap cars not seen here in the states. Even if toyota overtakes GM in total sales GM will still be king of gross, the total amount of money, sales.

Now its trivia/google search time. Please guess or find the total number of Lamborghini sales for 2005. Please email entries here with subject as Street Level Trivia. A winner will be announced Jan 24th.
*Edit* Total number of Lamborghini's sold in 2005: 613.