Monday, January 16, 2006

Super Aguri F1 Team

Formula 1 could now have 11 teams competing for the World Championship. The Super Aguri F1 team needs only the FIA's approval, and to place a small, mandatory $48 million deposit to be allowed to enter. This 11th team, while providing much-needed expansion to the F1 field, brings to light an up-until-recently-insignificant rule: only the top 10 constructors get to share in F1's TV rights money. Since the TV rights money is the primary source of income for teams of limited success, this may quickly lead back to a 10-team field as the lowest-rank team may not be able to fund another season sans TV rights money.
Either way, in the meantime it should make for some exiting racing as 22 cars take to each track.

Super Aguri F1 Logo

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